The Pronunciation of "Choisser"


Choisser is easy to pronounce if you haven't seen it spelled! It actually rhymes with several English words....

Closure      Composure      Disclosure      Exposure

Choisser is pronounced SOH zher

Do we get tired of explaining the spelling and pronunciation at times? You bet! That's why we put this here. If it helps a few folks out, and saves us the trouble....Cool!

Some people seem to have a psychological block when it comes to making the "zh" sound. This is probably because there is no single letter in English to represent this sound. It is a common sound in English, though, and anyone who has learned to pronounce any of these words can say the "zh" in ChoiSSer: televiSIon, garaGe, rouGe, encloSUre, exploSIon, aZure. Dictionaries call it a "zh" sound, but in fact, the only thing we've ever seen actually spelled with a "zh" is Doctor Zhivago....

Note: This page shows the traditional pronunciation of "Choisser", which most Choissers use. Some Choissers, particularly if they have little connection with the Choisser "homeland" in southern Illinois, have come to pronounce the name CHOICE-er. See this chart for historical details on the variants in pronunciation.


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